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You focus on growing your business and we will do the rest!

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FBA Prep Services

Our FBA prep services are designed to meet Amazon's requirements. Utilizing software and scanning technology, we ensure that every detail of your shipments are processed accurately and efficiently. From precise labeling to careful packaging, we handle all aspects of FBA preparation, guaranteeing that your products are ready for seamless integration into Amazon fulfillment centers.

E-commerce Order Fulfillment & Integrations

We specialize in seamless direct to consumer order fulfillment, managing everything from order processing to packaging and shipping directly to your customers. Leveraging our advanced integration capabilities, we connect with major shopping carts and software systems to streamline your logistics operations. Our efficient and reliable service ensures your products reach customers quickly and in perfect condition, while our integration solutions provide smooth data flow and efficient management of orders, inventory, and shipping, enabling you to optimize performance and enhance customer satisfaction.


Discounted Shipping Rates

By leveraging our high shipping volume, we offer discounted shipping rates to help you save on logistics costs. Our partnerships with trusted carriers ensure you receive competitive rates without compromising on delivery speed and reliability.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Our subscription box fulfillment services are tailored to your needs, offering customized packing and timely distribution according to your schedule. We handle the complexities of subscription logistics, ensuring your boxes reach subscribers on time, every time. Additionally, our separating and kitting services provide detailed assembly of product kits and custom orders. We ensure accurate and efficient processing, meeting your specific requirements and delivering high-quality assembled products. This comprehensive approach allows us to support a wide range of fulfillment needs with precision and reliability.

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Container Unloading Services

At TC, we specialize in the safe and efficient unloading of high-volume containers from overseas. Our expert team ensures your shipments are managed with the utmost care and precision. We prioritize the integrity of your goods, providing fast and reliable operations to keep your supply chain moving smoothly. 

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Our happy clients

"A few months ago, our company became a client of TC Logistics. TC Logistics has been the most convenient 3rd party platform we have partnered with. They are professional, timely, and communicative. Their systems to handle all projects are super straightforward, and the staff is a pleasure to work with. We appreciate the services they provide and look forward to continuing to work with them."

- The Yukon Glory team

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